Intermountain Farmers Association
It is the mission of Intermountain Farmers Association to:

* Supply products and services to the agricultural community that are reasonably priced and professionally provided and identify and develop markets based on customer need, competition and opportunity.
* Supplement our agricultural product line with merchandise of general consumer interest to enhance the financial return to our cooperative.
* Treat employees with respect and fairness and provide opportunities for growth and development in a safe working environment.
* Operate our business in an honest, professional, legal and fiscally responsible manner.
* Serve our patrons as nearly as we can, to their complete satisfaction and give them an acceptable and timely financial return to ensure continued rotation of equity.
* Continually strive to increase knowledge, utilize improved technology, and expand products and services.
* Be a visible and desired member of the community and assert leadership in the agricultural supply industry.
* Instill in our customers a feeling of ownership and a desire to support their cooperative.
* Maintain and support board and management policies.
* Promote and reflect the positive feelings, attitudes, principles, and qualities of life that are embodied in agriculture and rural living.

Our Vision
Intermountain Farmers will be the preeminent agricultural supply company in our chosen markets.